Danguba – The Beauty of Southeastern Europe

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Hey, remember when glam metal was cool? I don’t. But, for the sake of argument, I’ll assume it’s because this movement overtook the world before I was born. Or, maybe, I’ve been oblivious to its prevailing influence. Maybe, I’ve been living in an isolated Indie circle for far too long.


I have to admit, when we walked into Danguba, I felt a bit uneasy. As we descended the stairs to this tiny, dark club, I swear, time warped and we were on the set of a Whitesnake music video. I’d never seen so much teased hair in one place before, and, God, I didn’t think they made leather jackets anymore.


“How is this possible?” I thought to myself. “It was 2008 a few seconds ago!”


But, then:


“No, Vanja, you have to give it a chance. Your hipster friends can’t save you now. This is what you get for making fun of them then. This is assimilation. This … is karma.”


Who said that?


Fine. So, I gave it a chance.


We squeezed our way to the front, settled in next to this one guy I was told to avoid at all cost – apparently, everyone there knew each other. 


The cover band, Pro rock, was lead by a greasy haired man in a black cut-off t-shirt and ripped jeans. He was screaming Shot Through the Heart by Bon Jovi.


As the night progressed, I calmed down. Yes, I even danced a bit. At one point, I found myself in sync with the place. A familiar tune came from the synthesizer, a tune people the world over would instantaneously recognize, and before the lead singer could begin, the entire crowd – me included – was yelling “I, I just died in your arms tonight, it must have been something you said, I just died in your arms tonight.”


Although, however pretentious you may be when it comes to music, I know you’ve listened and danced to this song when no one was around. You may have even played it on repeat. Several times.


I am still a bit in denial about what happened that night. I think I experienced musical freedom.


It was then that I came to understand the beauty of Danguba – it isn’t your typical Belgrade scene. In fact, it’s a bit of a place to escape the smashing Janet Jackson look-a-likes my colleagues Zoran Milosavljevic and Richard Wordsworth keep writing about, and that in itself is a bit of a charm.


One of the most interesting things about Danguba is that everyone is really there just to have a good time listening to music they truly enjoy. That’s something you have to appreciate, no matter what your tastes may be.


In other words, I’m recommending the place, but don’t tell anyone I did.


To get in is heinously cheap, only at 100 dinars. The drinks follow in the same vein, with nearly everything under the 100 dinar mark.



Klub Danguba

Cirila i Metodija 2  

  1. Fool.
    Long live rock’n’roll.

  2. Wow, sounds really cool. Could this be like a less-falling-apart version of KST? 🙂

  3. Yes, it kind of is like a less-falling-apart version of KST.

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