Vanja Petrovic was one of the youngest editors in the Balkans. Currently, she is aspiring to reach the heights of bumhood.

This blog seeks to provide an insight into the day to day life of Serbs and other Gods who inhabit this now-peaceful land.

Live long and conquer.

  1. Hello. I just came across your blog looking for what’s going on in Belgrade. I married a Serb (crazy, right?), and I’m not from here, not even from this continent.

    I like how you described Bitef Art Cafe. I’ll probably check it out with my husband. Any suggestions on how to link with the artist community here?

    • As far as I know, the Belgrade art scene is not very big. A cousin of mine is a painter and I’d get you in touch with her, but she’s currently in Greece. There is the Magacin on Kraljevica Marka street in Belgrade which holds the Illigal Cinema on Sundays and is an art co-op. I’ll have an article coming up soon on that, so, check back! Hope this is helpful.

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